Real dolls

Real dolls

This is not a fairytale– it’   a real story. They live in a different world and each of them is more than just a sensation.
23-years old Lukanova looks like the famous Barbie doll – she has very long blond hair, thin waist and huge breasts. Justin is 32 years old and he also looks like a doll. He spend more than 70 000 pounds for plastic surgeries just to make sure that he will look like the perfect friend of Barbie. If something can stop them from being together, it may be their vanity.
When the couple is gathered for a special photo session, which is definitely going to remain in the history, something may go wrong because of their everlasting arguing about things like makeup, cosmetics, surgeries etc. – in other words everyone wants to prove that he/she is a better doll.
Nevertheless Lukanova has her fans too, because she is always saying that she’s happy when someone tells her that she’s a real doll. No one would be unhappy if someone tells you that you look like a doll, a perfect woman.

Real dolls3
This is a curious, scandalous, causing many questions story for such ‘’live dolls”. What people are capable of, just for the only reason- to be liked by the rest, may be a very interesting question. Maybe all of it is just a kind of twisted vanity? Is it worth it? Comment it!


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