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Canada, Sky Walking at Mt. Nimbus Mount Nimbus is in Canada, British Columbia. It is a mountain peak the height of which is 3407 ft (1037 meters). Based on the data of peakery, it is the 5513th mountain in British Columbia according to height and the 7663th highest mount in Canada. Via Ferrata is a [...]

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Empire State Building The Empire State Building is very popular building situated in USA. It is a skyscraper 103 stores located in New York City, in Midtown Manhattan. The building [...]

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This is an amazing roller coaster vanishing at the Cosmo Land. It is an amusement park which could be seen in Japan, in Yokohama. This Vanish rollercoaster is featuring an [...]

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Holland. River of Flowers, Keukenhof Holland is famous like the largest exporter of flowers in the world. So it isn’t very surprising to understand that in this great country there [...]

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Are you planning to visit Chicago? And you don’t know what to see there? Here are some ideas! The Adler Planetarium is a thing you have to see. There exist [...]

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Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida The Dry Tortugas are a group of coral islands in Florida, USA. These islands are part of the Dry Tortugas National Park. The park offers [...]

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Yosemite Valley, California In the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, USA, in the Yosemite National Park there is a glacial valley called Yosemite Valley. Its depth is around a mile [...]

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Palau Palau is a string of small tropical islands somewhere between the Philippines and Hawaii. The state is known for its intact natural beauties, the amazing Rock Islands and the [...]

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The address of the place, known as the Cabin in the Wood is 13719 Garfield Road, Wakeman, OH 44889. It is a fantastic place for relax. Most of the visitors [...]

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Valley of the Ten Peaks is a famous place. The valley is situated in Alberta, Canada, in Banff National Park. The site is crowned by 10 beautiful peaks, that is [...]

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