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Baltimore Baltimore is the biggest of the cities in the state that is called Maryland, and it is the largest city in the United States of America which is independent. At the same time it is on the 26th place by the most populated cities located in the country. The city is placed in the [...]

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Central Park Central Park is popular all over the world. It is an urban park which is situated in the central part of New York in the borough of Manhattan. [...]

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Winter activities in Silverton, Colorado Forget for cars if you are in this part of Colorado in the winter. In the winter all the residents of Silverton think that it [...]

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17. California California City is a huge American city which was incorporated in 1964 in the north part of Antelope Valley in the popular state of California, Kern County. The [...]

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Toronto Toronto is big and beautiful city, situated in Canada. It is famous all over the world. The city of Toronto attracts a great number of tourists every year. They [...]

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Prague Prague is one nice destination which becomes more visited every year. It is the capital city of the Czech Republic. Prague is the largest city in the country. The [...]

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Amsterdam Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands. It is the most populated city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – this is the full name of the country. The [...]

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Berlin Berlin is a nice and big city. It is the capital city of Germany. It is one of the at least sixteen states in Germany. The population of it [...]

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Paris Paris is an attractive city which is visited by a lot of tourist every year. It is the capital city and the most populated city in France. The capital [...]

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Moscow Moscow is the biggest city in Russia and the capital of it. It is located on the shores of the beautiful Moskow River, which crosses the city and it [...]

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