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Winter activities in Lake Placid, N.Y. Bobsledde is one fantastic winter sport and it is an interesting activity that you ca practice in Lake Placid. This beautiful town has been a host of the Winter Games two times – once in 1932 and then in 1980. Today caters for visitors are seeking glory. Anyone who [...]

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Brooklyn Botanical Garden in Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Botanic Garden is known also as BBG. It is a huge and really interesting botanical garden in Brooklyn, New York City. Situated near [...]

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Winter in New York The coldest part of the year is winter. The weather is cold and snowy and many people don’t like it. But it could be very funny [...]

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Coolest winter places in America Many people love winter and for them it means long cool days spent in having snowball fights and making snow angels followed by huge mugs [...]

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Astroland Amusement Park in New York City, NY Astroland was located in Coney Island and it is a huge amusement park (3.1-acre) which was opened for first time in 1963. [...]

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Australia – geography and climate Australia takes a huge area of more than 7,615,000 square kilometres which is on the popular Indo-Australian Plate. The country is surrounded by two oceans [...]

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Bahamas, Copperfield Bay – Musha Cay Musha Cay is located in the southern Bahamas. It takes an area of 151 acre, which is a privately owned island from the Exuma [...]

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Olympic National Park is preserved as a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. It is located in Washington State. The Monument of the Olympic National was established in 1908 and upgraded [...]

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Most people who visit San Francisco for the first time make benefits by simply walking the ways surrounded by hills, and the available transit is really interesting for them – [...]

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In a native forest, which is a UNESCO reserve biosphere reserve there is something amazing. In the middle of it lies an unique hotel, which is covered in vines and [...]

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